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Zipkin Reporter #

Zipkin is distributed tracing system. It was originally created at Twitter but currently is run as an independent open source project.

The kamon-zipkin module translates Kamon’s representation of Spans and sends them to Zipkin’s v2 API.

Installation #

libraryDependencies += "io.kamon" %% "kamon-zipkin" % "2.5.4"


implementation 'io.kamon:kamon-zipkin_2.13:2.5.4'

Once the reporter is on your classpath it will be automatically picked up by Kamon.

Configuration #

This module points to localhost by default, but you can easily set the Zipkin address, port and protocol with these configuration settings:

kamon.zipkin {

  # Hostname and port where the Zipkin Server is running
  host = "localhost"
  port = 9411

  # Decides whether to use HTTP or HTTPS when connecting to Zipkin
  protocol = "http"

Teasers #

These are extracted from our Elementary Akka Setup guide, head over there to learn more about how to get started with Monitoring Akka with Kamon!

Tracer view in Zipkin:

Span details:

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