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Collect Metrics and Traces with minimal code

Battle-tested, free and open-source instrumentation for distributed systems.

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Automatic Instrumentation

Setup with a few lines of code and Kamon will do the rest for you!

Kamon automatically collects metrics and traces from Akka, Play Framework and other JVM frameworks.

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Instrument Once, Report Anywhere

Send metrics and traces wherever you want. Switch between Kamon APM, Prometheus, Zipkin and more at any time, without code changes.

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Code Your Own Instrumentation

Collect your own metrics, define custom traces and propagate context with Kamon core APIs.


Track latency, errors and any business metric with high-definition histograms.

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Distributed Tracing

Trace operations through any service and application component.

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Context Propagation

Propagate userID, requestID and any correlation data between threads and services.

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                // One-Liner metric and increment

                // Fully define a metric
                val DataSent = Kamon.counter(
                  name = "",
                  description = "Counts data sent out",
                  unit = bytes

                // Tag and use an instrument
                val sentOnInterface = DataSent
                  .withTag("interface", "eth0")

                // Adding tags to the SpanBuilder
                val span = Kamon.spanBuilder("find-users")
                  .tag("string-tag", "hello")
                  .tag("number-tag", 42)
                  .tag("boolean-tag", true)

                // Adding tags to the Span.
                  .tag("other-string-tag", "bye")
                  .tag("other-number-tag", 24)
                  .tag("other-boolean-tag", false)

                // After this point no tags can be added.

                  // Creating a Context with two keys
                  val context = Context()
                    .withKey(UserID, "1234")
                    .withKey(SessionID, Some(42))

                  // Reading values from a Context
                  val userID: String = context.get(UserID)
                  val sessionID: Option[Int] = context.get(SessionID)

                  // The default value is returned for non-existent keys
                  val requestID: Option[String] = context.get(RequestID)
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Is Kamon Telemetry free?

Yes. Kamon Telemetry is and will always be Free and Open Source.

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Learn how to create your own metrics, configure reporters and understand everything about Kamon in our Docs section.

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