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Kamon Telemetry
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Measure latency and
trace requests across

Kamon Telemetry helps you collect metrics, correlate requests and get distributed traces from applications built with Java, Scala or any JVM language

Install Kamon Telemetry
It's a 3-minute setup - Better now than after your next production incident

Get telemetry data without rewriting your code

Get latency histograms, traces and JVM metrics automatically from Spring Boot,
Akka, Play Framework and other
supported frameworks

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Propagate request and trace context across services

Propagate and log trace ids, request ids and other correlation data automatically

Interoperate with other Telemetry libraries using W3C TraceContext, Zipkin and Jaeger compatible headers

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Change metrics and tracing
vendors at any time

Send telemetry data to Kamon APM, Prometheus, Zipkin, OpenTelemetry-compatible backends and several others without changing your instrumentation

Learn more about reporters
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Measure critical
code paths

Create custom metrics and spans on top of the automatic instrumentation to understand how your critical code paths behave in production

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Get an easy start
with Kamon APM

Forget about setting up your own monitoring infrastructure and use all the built-in
integrations to start fixing slow requests and errors with Kamon APM right away

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Telemetry with APM

Ready to get rid of those slow requests?

It takes 3 minutes to start monitoring. Better now than
after your next production incident

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