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Monitoring Play Framework apps with Kamon

Monitoring for Akka
Backends and APIs

Find out which actors, dispatchers, and HTTP endpoints affect performance
in production. Get correlated metrics and traces from your Akka applications
in a fully managed solution, starting Free with Kamon APM

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It's a 3-minute setup - Better now than after your next production incident

Monitor Akka HTTP
client and server requests

Measure response time automatically for every request and drill down to the slow and failed ones

  • Get out-of-the-box dashboards with latency, throughput, and errors for all Play Server routes
  • Trace requests sent across services with Akka HTTP Client, OkHttp, and other supported HTTP clients
  • Propagate requestId, clientId, and other trace context information automatically across services
Monitoring Server Latency with Kamon APM

Trace messages across Akka actors and cluster nodes

Troubleshoot interactions between actors in your local actor system and across the cluster

  • Get out-of-the-box dashboards for actors, dispatchers, routers, and other Akka components
  • Find issues with actor's processing time, mailbox size and time in mailbox
  • Connect actor messages with the HTTP requests or Kafka Topics that triggered them
Monitoring SQL queries with Kamon APM

Investigate slow database queries

Find the database queries that slow down performance and cause timeouts

  • Trace database calls with any JDBC driver including Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, and more
  • Monitor the Hikari Connection Pool health metrics for timeouts, connection issues, and errors
  • Connect server request traces with Slick database calls automatically
Monitoring SQL queries with Kamon APM

Troubleshoot JVM components

Keep an eye on the JVM components that can cause performance issues

  • Track how much time is spent on garbage collection
  • See how much heap memory is used and detect out of memory errors before they happen
  • See how thread pools are keeping up with the work
Monitoring Garbage Collection with Kamon APM

Get notifications when things go wrong

Send alert notifications to Slack or PagerDuty (and more) when latency increases or errors start to show up

  • Create alerts based on accurate percentiles calculated from all your raw data
  • Track Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for all your services
  • Get the full picture of service status and dependencies between them in the Service Map
Kamon APM Alerts

Monitor the metrics
that matter to you

Create custom dashboards, get alert notifications, and drill down into any metric you send to Kamon APM

  • Use high-definition histograms to get accurate percentiles and heatmaps
  • Click on any chart to slice and dice across any metric dimension
  • Point and click to create alerts from any chart
Kamon APM Dashboards

Send metrics and traces
wherever you want

Kamon Telemetry works awesome with Kamon APM, but it doesn't end there. You can send the same metrics and traces to Prometheus, Zipkin, Jaeger, and many other tools

Try Kamon APM
It's a 3-minute setup - Better now than after your next production incident
Kamon APM Dashboards