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Here is our story

We are a group of folks focused on making it easier for people
to instrument, monitor and debug distributed systems.

The Beginning

It all started back in 2014. We were super happy writing our very first services with Akka and Scala, doing concurrency like never before (literally) until the D day came: we were ready to deploy to production and only then we discovered that there was no simple, performant and reliable way to get metrics out of the services we just wrote. We searched, we asked around and we found nothing, so we decided to build something that could help solve this problem.

During this process we noticed that we were not alone on this; there were several teams around the world facing the very same problems we had so there was only one natural thing to do, share what we built, an so Kamon was born!

Kamon logos history
Kamon APM Logo

And then, APM

As time passed and we grew more fond of monitoring, we started to notice how all our effort on the instrumentation side was usually being transformed into a few statistical summaries on a dashboard that said very little about the true behavior of an application. Our frustration with this lead us to build a platform that at it's very core could store an application's behavior in the same level of detail as Kamon can gather it, so Kamon APM was born.

Fast forward to today, Kamon APM is no longer just about metrics! We are enabling teams around the world to to see the true behavior of their services with both metrics and distributed tracing, get alerts when things go wrong and discover issues across microservices. And we are just getting started!

Visit us in Zagreb

If you come to Zagreb do not hesitate to contact us and let's grab a beer or coffee together! You will leave the city well fed and full of Kamon stickers :)

Share your experience

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Trivia: is "Kamon" a mythical creature or something like that?

LOL. No. You know that situation where it takes forever to start your next project because you need to choose an awesome name? We skipped that and went for Akka Monitoring. It caught up and here we are!