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End-to-End Tracing

Get the full picture, from controllers to the database

High latency and errors are often related to slow database queries or external API calls. Instrument, visualize, and monitor all of those interactions automatically with Kamon

Propagate requestId, traceId and other request data across services and integrated with logs
HTTP Client & Server

Follow requests across services and external calls

Monitor response time, throughput, and errors for every Spring Boot controller and external HTTP call

Get traces and dashboards for OkHttp, Spring WebClient, and other HTTP client calls automatically, right out of the box

Databases and Message Brokers

Trace all interactions with your database

See how each database query contributes to a request's latency, along with HikariCP health metrics

And it is not just about JDBC: trace calls to Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, and messages flowing from Kafka producers to consumers

Monitoring and Debugging

Everything you need to monitor effectively

Solve your operational challenges with a single tool: monitor for latency spikes and errors, explore metrics and traces to find root causes, and follow up after deploying fixes and new features

Performance Monitoring

Be the first to know when something goes wrong

Get notified on Slack, PagerDuty, or email when your Spring Boot controllers slow down or start throwing errors

Forget about using percentile approximations or configuring buckets. Kamon comes with high-fidelity metrics and up to 1% error margin to guarantee you will not be chasing false signals

Learn about Performance Monitoring
Kamon has built-in support for Spring, Akka, Play Framework, and a lot more
Root Cause Analysis

Find the traces connected to high response times and errors

Select any latency spike on your Spring Boot applications and get all the related traces

Use the full picture on every trace to find root causes. Every HTTP call across services, exceptions thrown in your code, and interactions with external systems will be there for you to investigate

Learn about Debugging Issues
Add tags like requestId and userId to your Spans using Kamon Telemetry
Deployment Monitoring

Deploy new features and fixes with confidence

Ensure that response times stay healthy and errors are gone after deploying your fixes

Catch issues before deploying, with Free monitoring for your development and staging environments

Learn about Deployment Monitoring
Create Spans programmatically using the Kamon Telemetry tracing APIs
Monitor services with Kamon Telemetry and visualize the data in Kamon APM and other tools
Easy Setup

Start monitoring Spring Boot apps in minutes

When your applications start getting serious traffic and latency gets out of control, you need to act fast. Forget about complicated configurations and infrastructure to start monitoring

Simple Setup

Start with a single line of code

Besides the library dependencies and configuring your API key, you only need one line of code to get started

Kamon Telemetry recognizes the libraries in your classpath and activates the required instrumentation automatically, so you can get metrics and traces without changing your code

See the Installation Guide
Kamon Telemetry works perfectly with Kamon APM
Awesome with Kamon APM

Get all your metrics and traces organized and ready to explore

Don’t waste time setting up your own infrastructure from scratch or getting complicated configurations and agents running

Get all your services, hosts, and relationships between them organized automatically and ready for you to start discovering from your first minute in Kamon APM

Learn about Kamon APM
Kamon Telemetry works perfectly with Kamon APM
Vendor Agnostic

Use any vendor without changing instrumentation

All Kamon instrumentation is independent from the components that send data to external systems

It will be a lot easier to monitor your Spring Boot apps with Kamon APM, but you can send your data to Prometheus, Zipkin, OpenTelemetry-compatible endpoints, and more without changing the instrumentation

Learn about Kamon Telemetry
Kamon Telemetry can send data to Prometheus, Zipkin, and OpenTelemetry-compatible endpoints