Automatically instrument, monitor and debug
distributed systems

Kamon provides a set of tools to go from zero to a
healthy and observable production deployment


Instrument once,
report anywhere.

With Kamon you can automatically instrument your services and collect telemetry data that can be sent to any solution you want, without locking yourself to any vendor.
  • Powerful metrics, distributed tracing and context propagation APIs in a single library.
  • Switch reporters at any time without having to change your instrumentation.
Kamon Interaction
Works with Prometheus, Zipkin, InfluxDB, Kamon APM
and other commercial and OSS solutions.

Simple and effortless monitoring

Start monitoring and debugging immediately without having to setup additional infrastructure.
  • Purpose-built integrations bring useful insights from the very first minute.
  • Monitor your entire stack in a single, integrated solution.

You can monitor up to three microservices
for free with Kamon APM

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