Check out the New Service Map! Check out the all-new Kamon APM Service Map!

Announcing the All-new Kamon APM Service Map

Monitoring the health of your entire system and jumping to the root cause of problems has just become easier with the all new Kamon APM Service Map!

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Announcing New Pricing for Kamon APM

More monitoring for free, simplified pricing for paid.
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Kamon Just Got a Lot Easier to Use, Welcome Kamon 2.0!

We are very happy to announce that Kamon 2.0 is out! This new release focuses primarily on simplifying the installation process, making the core APIs easier to use and paving the road for more integrations to come.
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Say Hello to Kamon APM

We are pleased to announce the availability of Kamon APM, a hosted APM solution built to work nicely with Kamon and a free Starter Plan that helps folks around the world get started with monitoring in no time.
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Kamon Forecast - April 2018

Dear community, yesterday Diego and Ivan had a call to discuss a bit of what we think the future of Kamon should look like and we wanted to summarize the ideas and share with the community.

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Kamon Core 1.1.0 and Several Modules Update

Today we are announcing Kamon 1.1.0 with a couple bugfixes and a small but important improvement on context propagation, plus several minor updates on other modules that sort of went under the table for Akka, Akka Remote, Akka HTTP, Play Framework, Http4s and our sbt-aspectj-runner plugin.

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