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Developer Plan


For developers getting started
with production monitoring


Up to 5 Services
  • Explore the last 6 Hours of data
  • Send up to 30K Spans per day
  • Access a single Production
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Teams Plan


For large teams monitoring
complex systems in production


Per Month
  • Explore the last 14 days of data
  • Send up to 1M spans per day
  • Send extra spans at €1/million
  • Access Production and Test
  • Pay for what you use, starting
    at €30/service
  • Save 20% and get additional
    retention with annual billing
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Common Questions

Upgrade to the Starter Plan during June 2021 and you will get a 20% discount on all your invoices for the next 12 months.

If later on you decide to upgrade to the Teams plan or allow for Extra Spans Ingestion, those charges will be discounted too!

Chat with us! Let us know via or using the chat inside Kamon APM and we'll activate additional services for you.

No. Kamon Telemetry is and will always be a Free and Open Source tool. You can use Kamon Telemetry with any other vendors like Prometheus, Zipkin, Datadog, and others totally free of charge.

Any service that sent metrics or traces in a day is considered an active service for that day.

On the Starter Plan, you pay a fixed price for up to 10 active services and ingesting 500K Spans per day. If you requested additional services we will add €0.50 per day for each additional active service.

On the Teams Plan we will add together €1 per day for each active service. You will only pay for the days a service was active.

For example, if you are running 5 active services on the Teams plan and decide to add one more service in the middle of the month, your monthly bill will only increase for the days your new service was active. In this case, you can expect a bill of €165.

Spans are counted across all services in the same environment.

On the Starter plan you can send up to 500K Spans per environment per day. Whether you have one or five services, the limit is the same.

On the Teams plan your daily limit increases by 200K Spans for each active service in a Production environment. For example, if you have 5 active services you can send up to 1M Spans (200K Spans x 5 services) per day, regardless of which service produces more or less Spans.

By default, Kamon APM will drop a portion of your Spans if you are sending more than what your plan allows for. This keeps your invoice under control.

You can enable Extra Spans Ingestion in the Admin Settings to increase the daily ingestion limits. Extra Spans are charged at €1 per million. You can see your Span ingestion statistics in realtime on the Admin section in Kamon APM.

We can accommodate more metrics, spans, and retention based on your needs. Contact us via or using the chat inside Kamon APM and we'll find a plan that fits your needs.

Kamon works with JVM languages like Java and Scala. And it’s going to work especially awesome with Akka, Spring Boot and Play Framework.

We have a closed beta for users integrating any platform with Kamon APM using OpenTelemetry. Reach us via if you would like to participate!

The typical performance impact of Kamon is between 1% and 3%. If you notice anything above that, please contact our support and we will help you optimize it.

Test environments have limited retention of 24 hours and can be used for monitoring staging, development, and pre-production environments services, absolutely free of charge. Only included in the paid plan.

We offer community support through GitHub Discussions, live chat in Kamon APM, and you can always request a one-on-one session.

Click on the "Try Kamon APM" link on the top-right corner and follow the instructions. It should take you 3 minutes to get started. See you on the other side!