Unlimited services in the new APM plans! Monitor unlimited services with the new APM plans!

Monitor everything you have,
with fixed and predictable pricing

Integrate all your services and hosts without worrying
about surprise charges at the end of the month

Developer Plan

Developer Plan

For solo developers monitoring
simple apps and experiments


Start for Free
Start Free - Upgrade as you grow
  • 900K spans / month
  • 6 hours retention
  • Single developer account
  • Monitor up to 5 services
  • Access to one environment
  • Receive alerts via email only
Starter Plan

Teams Plan

For large teams monitoring
complex systems


Start Monitoring
Start your Free 14-day Trial
  • 150M spans / month
  • 14 days retention
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited hosts
  • Free dedicated test environments
  • Receive alerts via email, Slack, and PagerDuty
  • Ingest extra spans at €1 / million
  • Save 20% with annual billing
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Frequently Asked Questions

By default, we will drop Spans you send above your daily limit. This ensures that your invoice stays predictable, even when you have bursts in traffic.

You can increase your daily limits in the Spans admin section in Kamon APM, and at the end of the month you will only be billed for the extra Spans you actually sent.

Of course, you will get notifications in Kamon APM whenever we are dropping a portion of your incoming spans. You can learn more about controlling your spans ingestion in the docs.

No. All data you sent to test environments is free of charge.

Test environments are great for trying things out before deploying to production, or while developing in your local machine. Test environments have all the features in Kamon APM, come with 1 day data retention, and are only available in paid plans.

No. Kamon Telemetry is free and open source, published under the Apache v2 license.

You will get the best out of Kamon Telemetry with Kamon APM, but you can use it with Prometheus, Zipkin, and many other vendors totally free of charge.

Chat with us. We will either talk you out of it, or create a custom plan for you!

Most of the time you will only care about what is happening right now, or in the few hours/days leading to an incident. Whatever happened two months ago is a thing of the past.

We offer community support for Kamon Telemetry via GitHub Discussions and Gitter.

Kamon APM users have access to live chat and can always request a 1-on-1 session with our experts to get assistance during installation and troubleshooting.

Chat with us. We will be happy to clarify all your doubts.