Monitor and debug distributed systems
in a single, integrated platform

Understand how your systems behave, debug issues
across services and ensure the lights are green all the time.

Cut straight to the action

Start debugging right away with opinionated integrations that bring all the important signals front and center without you having to lift a finger.
  • Easy access to framework-specific components with purpose-built integrations.
  • Explore traces and metrics from operations and service components with automatic integration recognition.
Kamon APM Charts

See all your key metrics in one place

Craft your own dashboards with business, infrastructure and service metrics that help you keep track of the most important indicators in your organization.
  • Correlate behavior across all layers of your deployment.
  • Reuse dashboards across development, staging and production environments.

Never miss an outlier

Observe the real behaviour your users are experiencing with high definition metrics that capture every single measurement without sampling.
Enabling Kamon in a Project
  • Get the real performance indicators with raw histogram data aggregated across sources.
  • Setup alerts and SLOs that work on the real, high definition data collected on your services.

Setup SLOs with one click

You are one click away from setting up latency, error rate and availability SLO alerts that go straight to your Slack, PagerDuty or e-mail.
  • Express your latency objectives with percentile thresholds backed by high definition metrics.
  • Define custom SLOs on any metric you like.
Kamon APM Charts
Kamon APM Charts

Look at the big picture

See how a request travels through your system and pinpoint errors, bottlenecks and performance issues at a glance.
  • Find root causes faster by correlating traces and metrics from related components.

Free non-production

Kamon APM Environments
Ensure your code behaves as expected before deploying it to production, without having to pay extra for that.

Free infrastructure

Kamon APM Host Metrics
Monitor the servers and containers that host your services, absolutely free of charge.

You can monitor up to three microservices
for free with Kamon APM