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Debugging Production Issues

Drill down to the specific actions that affect response times

You noticed that something caught fire, now what? Your dashboards and alerts will tell you that something is wrong, and your traces will help you figure out exactly what it is


Find the traces connected to high response times and errors

When there is a weird pattern in a chart or alert notification, you need to slice & dice metrics and traces to figure out what happened there

Select latency spikes and errors in a chart, and get all the traces connected with it. Then follow the trail to narrow it down with filters and groupings

Filter metrics and traces with Analyze in Kamon APM
Distributed Tracing

See the full picture, from your HTTP endpoint to the database

More often than not, latency and errors are caused by a slow database query or API call

See the full picture for every request, from the HTTP request hitting your endpoint, to upstream services, databases, and external APIs.

Visualize end-to-end traces in Kamon APM
Following-up after Deployments

Deploy new features and fixes with confidence

Deploying a fix or new feature is not the end of the story. How do you know the issue was really fixed, or that you didn’t mess something up with the new deployment?


Compare behavior across deployments

Ensure that response times stay healthy and errors are gone after deploying your fixes

Break down any metric by deployment version and compare behaviors to discover anomalies

Compare behavior across dimensions and deployments with Kamon APM
Test Environments

Test before deploying. Who would have thought?

Production and staging are never the same, but you can catch a bunch of dumb mistakes before going to prod

Monitor your development and staging environments with the same tools you in production, but free of charge

Test your services with complete monitoring for free
Performance Monitoring

Be the first to know when things go wrong

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your code is, slow requests and errors are going to happen. You better get ready to notice and fix them before your customers do


Get notifications when your backend slows down

Whether it is latency going up or a new deployment throwing errors like crazy, you want to be the first to know

Get notified on Slack, PagerDuty, or email and start fixing problems before your customers notice

Get notified when latency and errors happen with Kamon APM's alerts

As time goes by, you will learn what metrics and thresholds are important to monitor in your platform

Bring all those metrics together with dashboards that tell you exactly what is going on (and look cool on a TV, too)

Visualize any metric in Kamon APM

Understanding how each of your service's operations behave is crucial to monitor and troubleshoot issues effectively

Get a complete view of your service endpoints and internal operations, along with alerts and linked services. All right out of the box

Focus on a single service in Kamon APM
Get notified when latency and errors happen with Kamon APM's alerts
Follow connections across services with Kamon APM's Service Map
Service Map

Get a bird's-eye view of your entire platform

When your backend starts getting complex, a failure in one service can bring down everything that touches it

Figure out inter-service dependencies and jump straight to the root cause of problems

Follow connections across services with Kamon APM's Service Map

If you are averaging or interpolating percentiles, you are doing it wrong

Go for high-fidelity metrics with a fixed 1% error margin and forget about chasing false signals

Work with the real data, not approximations of it with Kamon APM

We put tons of effort in figuring out what’s the best way to visualize metrics from Services, Hosts, and things like the JVM, JDBC, and Akka. So you don’t have to

Integrate your services with Kamon APM and let it organize the data for you

Start monitoring right away with built-in dashboards in Kamon APM