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Fix slow requests across microservices and databases

Kamon APM brings together metrics and distributed traces to help you eliminate slow requests and errors from your production systems

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Find the root cause of
outliers and errors

Measure response time for every operation and drill down to the specific requests and database calls that hurt your systems' performance

  • Get out-of-the-box dashboards with latency, throughput, and errors for Spring Boot, Play Framework, Akka, and more
  • Trace requests across services and calls to Postgres, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Kafka, and Cassandra
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Get notifications when things go wrong

Send alert notifications to Slack or PagerDuty when latency increases or errors start to show up. Discord support is on the way!

  • Get the full picture of service status and dependencies between them
  • Create alerts with accurate percentiles, calculated from all your raw data
  • Track Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for all your services
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Monitor the metrics
that matter to you

Create custom dashboards and drill down into any metric you send to Kamon APM

  • Use high-definition histograms to get accurate percentiles and heatmaps
  • Click on any chart to slice and dice across any metric dimension

Get an easy start with
built-in integrations

Start debugging from the get-go with automatic dashboards for
applications using the JVM, JDBC, Akka, and more

Kamon APM Free Hosts Monitoring

Free hosts monitoring

Monitor CPU, memory, disk and network usage for all your hosts

Kamon APM Free Test Environments

Free test environments

Test all you want without messing with production data

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