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Process Metrics #

Available Metrics #

Kamon will automatically detect and start the Process metrics module when it is in your classpath and the following metrics will become available:

Samples the Process CPU usage.

Instruments are tagged with:

  • mode: Whether the CPU usage is on user, system or combined mode.
Tracks the max number of file descriptors that can be used by the process.
Tracks the number of file descriptors used by the process.
Tracks the process hiccups generated by either garbage collection or OS noise.

Disabling the Module #

This module is enabled by default, but you can explicitly enable/disable it by changing the enabled setting in your application configuration:

kamon.modules {
  process-metrics {
    enabled = no

Kamon will still recognize that the module is available, but will not automatically start it when Kamon.init() or Kamon.loadModules() are called.

Manual Installation #

In case you are not using the Kamon Bundle, add the dependency below to your build (the Process metrics module is distributed as part of the system metrics module).

libraryDependencies += "io.kamon" %% "kamon-system-metrics" % "2.2.3"


implementation 'io.kamon:kamon-system-metrics_2.13:2.2.3'