Dear users, we are extremely happy to announce that our long-awaited 0.4.0 release is now available!

This is, by far, the most extensive release we have had to the moment. As we mentioned in the Quick look at Kamon 0.4.0 post a couple months ago, we decided to rework all the Kamon internals and API with one goal in mind: turn Kamon into the Monitoring tool for applications running on the JVM, and this release certainly is a big step forward on that direction.

We believe it is really important that our users understand the concepts behind Kamon’s core components as it will unlock the key to not just understanding how our integrations and reporters work, but to take your usage of Kamon to the next level and really enjoy the pleasure of being aware of your application’s behavior. With our new and shiny website (design by our friends at Mentat Labs), sporting much more documentation than we ever had before, we are giving our users all they need to learn and extend Kamon in any possible way they can imagine.

If you are new to Kamon then just read through the docs and follow the many examples provided using both Java and Scala. On the other hand, if you are already using Kamon then you will need to make some changes for your application to work correctly with Kamon 0.4.0, we would recommend that you read through the [Quick loot at Kamon 0.4.0] post and also review the items presented in the migration guide. We had lots of changes in this release and it is possible that we missed something in the guide, so please, let us know if you had to do something that wasn’t included in the guide.

This release is a really big deal for us, hope you find it interesting too and enjoy it as much as we did while working on it! Too much ink was spent on the docs, so we’ll keep it short for now.