The Open Source tool for monitoring applications running on the JVM.

Our core components provide a clean and simple API for recording metrics and trace information for any application running on the JVM.

Enhance your onboarding experience with bytecode instrumentation modules that automatically measure and trace your application. We have modules for Scala, Akka, Spray and Play!

Take your metrics and tracing information wherever you want. Kamon ships with several reporting backends (including StatsD, Datadog and New Relic) and allows you to create your own reporters in a breeze.

Latest from Our Blog

Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.2 Released!

25 Jul 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.2 which has a few minor bug fixes and even new modules being added!

Thanks to Michal Faber for the Riemann module!.

Thanks to Julius de Bruijn for the InfluxDB module!.

Thanks to Carlos DaƱel Ferreyra for the Khronus module!.

Thanks to Daniel Spasojevic for the kamon-play-25 module!.

Thanks a lot to everyone who provided feedback, fixes and even new modules, we really appreciate your enthusiasm! Without anything else to say, here is the changelog extract for this release:

  • kamon-core
    • Introduce finishWithError(Throwable) for Traces and Segments and include a counter to track errors. (see pull #356).
    • Add context name and token to MDC. (see pull #363).
    • Fix Histogram::tryRecord fix value is not passed to the logger. (see pull #335).
  • kamon-riemann
  • kamon-influxdb
  • kamon-influxdb
  • kamon-scala
    • Add support for twitter-util Futures. (see pull #370).
  • kamon-spm
    • Added spm tracing support. (see pull #369).
  • kamon-autoweave
  • kamon-play

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.1 is out!

27 Apr 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.1 which has a few minor bug fixes and a correctly published kamon-akka-remote module for Akka 2.4.

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Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here, download while still hot!

29 Mar 2016

Dear community, we are really happy to announce that after a long long wait, lots of fixes and even new modules being added, Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here!

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