Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.3 Released!

10 Oct 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.3 which has a few minor bug fixes.

Thanks a lot to everyone who provided feedback, fixes and even new modules, we really appreciate your enthusiasm!

  • kamon-core
    • Use CAS for safer counter collection. (see pull #394).
    • Added getQueuedSubmissionCount. (see pull #392).
    • Pass orignal throwable to logging. (see pull #389).
    • Reading current tags in TraceContext. (see issue #379).
    • NanoTimestamp and NanoInterval as Case Classes. (see issue #376).
    • Include tags and status in TraceInfo and SegmentInfo. (see issue #377).
  • kamon-log-reporter
    • Added getQueuedSubmissionCount. (see pull #392).
  • kamon-spm
    • Added trace-errors, http, trace-segments and custom metrics support for SPM.(see pull #387).
  • kamon-elasticsearch
    • Module kamon-elasticsearch got lost in 0.6.2. (see issue #382).

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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